Through all of life’s stages, make important business and life decisions with confidence.

About Us

Simplifying the complex, Omnia Legal seek to understand the core of the issue or the heart of the objective to develop real, effective solutions. Omnia Legal get to know you, the way you like to communicate and share with you what you want and need to know, working as your trusted team with a united goal.

Allyson Anne founded Omnia Legal with an unusual mix of legal specialities across family, business and commercial law because she believes in supporting lifelong clients through all of life’s phases.

Becoming a trusted partner of their clients is the key goal, meaning clients feel understood, secure and focused on life’s wins. 

Allyson Anne

DIRECTOR AND Principal Solicitor

Allyson Anne

"Allyson simplified my complex matter so I understood each step!”

What people say about Allyson
  • Inspires confidence in complex situations
  • Known as the ‘fixer’ who is always one step ahead
  • Removes the noise and focuses on the important
  • Takes a holistic approach, provides a clear pathway forward
  • Supportive, solution focused, clever
  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Bachelor of Business
  • Advanced Diploma in Legal Practice
  • Legal Practice Management Course
  • Commercial and Family Law - a unique combination!
  • Working in the legal industry since 2011

Daniel Albert

Senior Associate

Daniel Albert

"Goes over and above with a maturity beyond his years"

What people say about Daniel
  • Takes a customised approach to every client, 100% client focused and relationship driven
  • Passionate about business goals, structures, and protection of such
  • Avoids problems by predicting them before they happen
  • Takes a long-term view to business and commercial outcomes
  • Reassuring, methodical, thorough
  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice
  • Commercial and Business Law
  • Working in the legal industry since 2017

Geoff Munce


Geoff Munce

"Geoff is a master at his craft, passionate to the core"

What people say about Geoff
  • Client focused, compassionate and committed to a fair outcome
  • Passionate about children having a meaningful relationship with both parents
  • Research driven, thorough with strong advocacy skills
  • Aims for a fair, mediated result that avoids the courtroom (where possible)
  • Protective, calm, passionate
  • Completing a Masters in Applied Law: majoring in Family Law and Family Dispute Resolution
  • Bachelor of Laws
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice
  • Experience in investigations and intelligence (information) analysis
  • Specialising in Family Law and Domestic Violence Matters
  • Admitted in February 2019

Maddison Thomson


Maddison Thomas

"A young professional who is building a strong reputation"

What people say about Maddison
  • Passionate about building connection to the local community 
  • Provides exceptional customer service to every client
  • Loves a challenge and enjoys the complexity of commercial transactions
  • Eager to learn, easily picks up tasks
  • Confident, easy going, committed
  • Final year of Bachelor of Laws at University of the Sunshine Coast
  • President of USC Law Students' Association; USC Student Ambassador
  • Assists Property Law, Commercial Law and Litigation team

Louise Godwin 

Office Manager

Louise Godwin

"Louise is in your corner whether triumph or disaster"

What people say about Louise
  • Great support whether in triumph or disaster
  • Has an open door policy for the team or clients
  • Completely unique 
  • Believes in balance between work and personal life
  • Reliable, empathetic, supportive
  • Bachelor of Nursing; Graduate Diploma in Nursing (Leadership and Management)
  • Supports all areas of Family, Business and Commercial Law
  • Joined Omnia Legal (formerly P Law) since inception

Bianca Munn


"Makes me feel welcome, safe and important”

What people say about Bianca
  • Brings a vibrancy to the office and is very welcoming
  • A strength in customer service 
  • Enjoys customer interaction and helping out
  • Patient and understanding of clients needs 
  • Enthusiastic, compassionate, respectful


  • New to the legal industry and eager to learn more
  • New to the Omnia legal team in 2021

Individually talented.
Together formidable.

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