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Commercial Tenancy Dispute Lawyers

Commercial disputes between a tenant and a landlord can become complex and stressful. Omnia Legal has a trusted team of commercial lawyers who have extensive experience in litigation and dispute resolution. Choose an Omnia Legal tenancy dispute lawyer for service you can rely on to approach your commercial lease disputes with your best interests at heart.


Omnia Legal will help you manage your complex disputes and commercial lease agreements with a simplified and focused approach. When we manage cases we stay client focused, predict problems before they arise in an effort to avoid them, and aim for a fair result.

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Our commercial tenancy dispute lawyers have a unique and relationship-driven approach to disputes. Although our priority is to avoid disputes, we understand that this isn’t always possible so we strive to help resolve any matters to the client’s satisfaction. 

Omnia Legal methods have a unique and relation-driven response


Disputes between commercial tenants and commercial landlords can be both stressful and frustrating. When we handle commercial leasing disputes we aim to keep the case out of court. We want to help you resolve matters fast and as stress-free as possible.

Omnia legal strives for excellence in mediation to get the best results for their clients

Sunshine Coast Commercial Lease Lawyer For Tenancy Disputes

Omnia Legal’s methodological and holistic approach to commercial law matters makes us the ideal partner for your tenancy disputes. We will work hard to protect your rights as a tenant or landlord and provide you with the support you need. Our commercial tenancy dispute lawyers are committed to a fair outcome and will strive to keep your disputes out of court wherever possible. We will take the complexity out of commercial law and communicate the ins and outs of your case in a way that you will understand to ensure your input, goals, and interests are at the heart of the case and everything we do throughout the commercial law process. 

For a commercial lease lawyer on the Sunshine Coast that you can trust with your tenancy disputes, choose Omnia Legal.

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Rights &


Evictions. Agreements. Maintenance.

Rights & Obligations, ready to be negotiated by our Sunshine Coast lawyers.

We can help you understand the rights and obligations you possess in your commercial leases as a tenant or landlord and how this will affect the outcome of your tenancy disputes. For example, just as a tenant can be evicted for not paying rent, a landlord may be obligated to provide maintenance.

Rent &


Lease. Payment. Contracts.

Rent & Renewal, ready to be legally managed by our Sunshine Coast lawyers.

Your lease document is a legally binding contract that may set out rules and regulations around aspects such as rent increases and refusals of lease renewals. Although disputes may occur over these factors, clauses in a commercial lease agreement will affect your ability to win demands or disputes.

Court &


Advice. Support. Representation.

Court & Mediation, our Sunshine Coast lawyers are ready to represent our clients.

Court should always be a last resort when disputing retail shop leases or other commercial property contracts. As an alternative to court, we can advise on mediation between the separate parties. However, if mediation is not possible, we are always prepared to support our clients in the courtroom.


Our Specialities

At Omnia Legal, we have experience in more than just commercial lease dispute management and retail shop lease disputes. As we have the goal of supporting our clients throughout every stage of their lives, we offer legal advice and representation in areas of family law, business law, and commercial law. Seek legal advice from Omnia Legal for service that you can trust to keep your goals at its centre. 

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